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If you’re ready to enhance your swimming pool with the help of a local expert in poolscapes, TexasTurf is the name to depend on. Our artificial turf experts offer a wide range of solutions and custom designs for poolscapes in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Artificial turf poolscapes are a wonderful way to keep the swimming pool area clean. There will be less debris and mud in the pool and the area will stay extremely clean, beautiful, and professional looking. Artificial turf also offers beautiful year-round green contrast and low maintenance.

Contact our artificial turf company today if you’re interested in setting up a consultation. We offer stunning designs for swimming pool areas, high-performance turfs and products, and exceptional customer service.

  • Cool, Comfortable, Lush & Green
  • Keeps Pool Area Clean & Easy to Maintain
  • Expert Poolscape Designs & Installations
  • Solutions for a Wide Range of Budgets

Artificial Turfs for Poolscape Solutions

Keeping your artificial turf cool and comfortable is important, especially around the swimming pool where bare feet meet the grass. It’s also important for the turf to feel soft and plush to reduce injury if someone falls.

For these reasons and more, we choose to partner with EnvyLawn who manufactures the best artificial turfs for poolscapes and other residential and commercial applications.

The turf blades have an exceptional microblade profile which reduces sunlight glare and heat as well as an evaporative technology to keep the synthetic grass cool. The polypropylene thatch is thick and lush, bounces back after compression, and stays green and beautiful all year long.

If you’re looking for a landscaping company in Austin who specializes in poolscapes, please call us at 512-766-6223 or fill out our online request form

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