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Artificial Pet Turf Landscaping Solutions

Artificial turf

If you’re looking for a synthetic lawn solution for your Austin area home or commercial dog park, our pet-friendly artificial turf company offers the best fake grass for dogs on the market.

Our artificial turf for pets is a clean, environmentally safe, and pet-friendly solution. The turf is extremely easy to care for and stays clean, lush, and green all year long. It adds a sharp and professional look with very little yard maintenance required!

If you’d like to discuss artificial pet turf and the high-performance products we recommend for your home in Austin or the surrounding areas, contact us today for an appointment. As your leading local artificial turf experts, we are happy to answer your questions and meet you for a personalized consultation.

  • Cool Grass Technology

  • Durable & Easy to Maintain

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Pet & Child Friendly

Benefits of Fake Grass for Pets

It’s important for pet turfs to allow rainwater and urine to pass through the backing and into the soil so that it doesn’t hold odor and harbor mildew. Our pet turf is the perfect solution for cats and dogs with its 100% permeable and proprietary drainage technology that drains at over 400 inches per hour; that's faster and better than real grass.

The cooling technology of the thatch and backing lowers your lawn’s surface temperature. Because of this and the special XWR D365 yarns, it feels cool and soft under your pet’s paws. Plus, the pet turf bind is exceptionally tough, resists wear and tear as your furry friend plays and enjoys the yard-- and also prevents them from digging holes in the grass!

If you’re looking for a landscaping company in Austin who specializes in pet turf and pet parks, please call us at 512-766-6223 or fill out our online request form

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