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Artificial turf

Are you looking for professional artificial turf maintenance service for your home or business in the Greater Austin or San Antonio area? Our professionals at TexasTurf have been artificial turf experts for many years and would be happy to take over the turf maintenance for you.

We’ve developed our TexasTurf Freshen Up Maintenance Service to be just what you need to care for your artificial turf. As experienced professionals, we know exactly what to do throughout the seasons of the year to keep your lawn in great shape.

While artificial turf maintenance isn’t complicated, our artificial turf company always recommends preserving your turf’s life expectancy with the proper care it needs. Keeping your turf clean, ensuring the infill is replaced as needed, and making sure it’s secure will preserve the investment you’ve already made in your synthetic lawn.

It’s important to set up some type of artificial turf maintenance plan for your new lawn or get help if you can no longer do it yourself. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation today.

Our Austin artificial turf maintenance service is designed to cover every important aspect of your turf from top to bottom. This includes:

  1. We begin with an Initial Power Brooming/Brushing to loosen any embedded debris.
  2. A comprehensive Inspection that includes:
    • A visual inspection to include checking for turf evenness and wrinkles.
    • Making sure nails are all secured, and adding any nails if necessary. (This does not include large repairs).
    • Adding granite if necessary.
    • Checking infill levels and ensuring there is the proper amount. If more is needed, this will be addressed with the homeowner.
  3. Infilling + Final Power Broom Cleaning
  4. Disinfect and deodorize turf. A non-toxic safe for kids and pets spray that will eliminate odors from your turf and inhibit any mold/bacteria from growing in your turf.

Our TexasTurf Freshen Up Maintenance Service

Starting at only $175.00

Pricing $175.00 under 1,000 sq.ft., add $125.00 per 1,000sq.ft.

If you would like to learn more about our artificial turf maintenance services in the Austin area, please call us at 512-766-6223 or fill out our online request form

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we are keeping the health of our employees and customers at the forefront of our minds. Click here to find out more.