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Accent Rocks & Gravel For Your Home Or Business

Artificial turf

Among the artificial turfs and products available for your Austin landscape are a beautiful selection of river rocks and gravel. Our artificial turf experts at TexasTurf use river rock and gravel for landscaping projects to create color and texture accents.

Natural river rock and gravel offer an easy-care solution to control weeds and accentuate flower beds, pathways, and poolscapes in Austin. Rocks can help you to cut costs per square foot while still looking amazing. They're great for borders, to create contrast, and require very little maintenance.

Our professionals will work with you closely to choose from among our wide selection of river rock and gravel below.

Black Basalt

A crushed basalt gravel is available in the sizes: 5/8", 1 1/2", & 3-5" with the colors, dark grey and very black when wet. This type of gravel can be used for walkways, placing in between patio stone, and for water features.

Black Basalt Crushed

A crushed basalt gravel has a dark grey look and has a very black look when wet. This type of gravel can also be used for walkways or placing in between patio stone and for water features.

Santa Fe Rock

This unique river gravel comes in an orange tint and is a perfect choice for xeriscaping. The available sizes are: 1/4-1/2", 1-2", and 2-4".

1-3 Inch River Rock

This larger size river rock is available in a variety of natural hues and tones.

Pea Gravel

The 3/8" washed river gravel, which is native to Texas, has a wide range of use from paths and walkways to concrete work. This 1 1/2" gravel has white to brown and grey colors as well with large pieces making it ideal for French drains. The 5/8" sized gravel is also known as concrete rock and is used for mixing concrete or rock gardens.

Washed River Gravel

This 1-3" gravel is native to Texas with white to brown and even grey colors with large pieces making it great for French drains. The 5/8" size is also known as concrete rock and this material is perfect for mixing concrete or rock gardens.

*We also provide other rock selections which include White limestone, White Marble, Decomposed Granite, and Black Baja Rock.

*For pricing information, please contact us at TexasTurf to let a consultant talk with you about our different options.

If you're looking for river rocks and gravel for landscaping in the Austin area, please call TexasTurf at 512-766-6223 or fill out our online request form

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